Home-Based Adult Skilled Care

This program caters to the adult or senior who requires extensive clinical attention and resides in the family home.  Many such individuals who, through a strong sense of independence and/or enjoy strong family support, continue to live at home and are in need of skilled professional nursing care.  Abundant Life provides highly qualified, well-experienced Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Professional Nurses (LPNs) to attend to all their specific needs a prescribed by each client's personal physician.

Home-Based Adult Support

For adult or senior who is capable of living on their own but require support for their day-to-day activities including administering prepared medication, meal preparation, grooming and basic personal care.  Certified and experienced Personal Care Aides and Home Health Aides are available to meet the needs of this type of client.  In many instances, just this type of support is suited to help a client remain self-sufficient and avoid hospitalization.

Home-Based Adult Assistance

In cases where the adult or senior is in need of assistance around the home, particularly with household activities or childcare support, Abundant Life can attend to these non-skilled needs of the client through the availing of a trustworthy, experienced Domestic Aide.  This way, the client retains a high level of independence and enjoys the support of a reliable, hardworking aide.

Parental/Postnatal Care

The emphasis on care for the unborn child and pregnant mother are as important as their postnatal care and monitoring.  Prenatal screening helps guard against complications leading up to and during childbirth.  Postnatal care offers a holistic support system for the new mother who will continue to require medical care, particularly in the event of diabetes, hypertension and C-Sections.  The Comprehensive Case Management program is the umbrella under which these services are administered.  Besides screenings and information referrals, it allows the Agency to serve as an advocate in matters involving Medicaid/Insurance and other entitlements, family planning and home management.  (For Pediatric Child Care, refer below)

Home-Based Pediatric Care

This program is tailored to meet the needs of the child from birth up to the teen years.


  • Early Childhood Pediatric Care – At birth, the delicate child will require ongoing medical monitoring.  However in cases of prematurity or other medical complication at birth, skilled profession nursing care would be needed.  Abundant Life provides highly qualified, well-experienced Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Professional Nurses (LPNs) to attend to the baby's specific needs as prescribed by the child's personal physician.
  • Early Intervention Program - This program provides an abundance of therapy services funded through the State for kids, birth to three years old.  The Agency employs a full complement of highly trained, qualified and experienced therapists who, under the guidance of an assigned personal Service Coordinator, are readily available to work on the individual development delays exhibited by the child, including:
    • Speech/Language Pathology
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Special Instruction
    • Teacher of Speech Hearing & Handicap Therapy (TSHH)
    • Social Work (focuses on the needs of the family)
    • Family Training (therapist trains the parent on support care)
  • Nursing Home Care – Our team of Registered Nurses (RNs) will assist clients and their families in navigating the process for securing placement in an Assisted Living Center or Nursing Home Facility.  With the use of our Patient Review Instrument (PRI) Screening Tool, our team can advise the client and family on the options available to them and work along with the doctor's recommendations to ensure the client's needs are satisfied.